Mental Awareness Program

This program is designed to raise awareness on mental health and wellbeing and will address issues people face, ranging from coercions in families, financial problems and isolations. Our engagements  will be resolving personal issues such as unemployment and homelessness and sometimes domestic issues and to provide these much-needed assistance for participants.


 An Awareness on Mental Health


We provide a structured avenue  for mentoring, accompaniment, and assistance  with our participants towards a holistic resolution of mental healh issues through dealing by making available the required time, skill and resource needed through advice, or through signposting to required agents.


This mental health awareness program is an integration of continuous provision of information, not only on mental health, but every underlying issues causing mental health in order  to reduce  risks associated with unhealthy lifestyles and to establish a collaborative effort among participants.. The program will foster social interactions, which is an integral aspect towards fostering mental wellbeing and address loneliness and isolation by building stronger relationships and more community cohesion. 


The experience will encourage participants to speak more confidently about mental health issues,and to  interact with services which are not easily recognized in the community.


Developing capacity for proactive mentoring, accompaniment, and assistance


Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and there will be seminars to address mental, physical, nutritional, social and psychological needs of participants, the lack of which can result in low self-confidence, loneliness, ill health and an eventual degradation of a wholistic individual.


Through this event we will engage and integrate participants into the community by providing information on how they can receive further financial, health and social assistance in the community and we will continue to  provide a readied available service process towards resolving or signposting participants who are in need to accredited agencies.


Please contact us   to  arrange a booking of this program for your team or organisation.