Business and Leadership Program

This program brings together budding leaders and business start-ups . The program is aimed at exploring and boosting participants’ potentials, helping to foster individual latent leadership talents, through mentorship, talks and advice by successful industry experts on how best to maximize your entrepreneurial and business acumen.


This event is a dynamic initiative aimed at creating a collaborative ecosystem by bringing together aspiring leaders and innovative business start-ups. The program seeks to bridge the gap between leadership potential and entrepreneurial ventures, fostering mutual growth, innovation, and sustainable success.


The program shall provide comprehensive orientation sessions for both leaders and start-ups to understand each other's objectives and expectations.


Their shall be Team-building exercises to enhance collaboration and communication skills and tailored workshops focusing on leadership skills, strategic thinking, and effective communication.


Joint projects shall be created where leaders and start-ups work together to solve real-world challenges with an encouragement of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.


The program provides networking sessions for opportunities for leaders and start-ups to connect. Guest speakers from the business and entrepreneurial community sharing insights.


This program envisions a future where the synergy between emerging leaders and business start-ups sparks innovation, fosters growth, and contributes to the development of a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Not much can be achieved without a strong and purposeful leadership behind it. This program will provide you with solutions to mind boggling issues, questions, and provide knowledge, solved thoughts and action provoking decisions on how to be a success in your endeavours.


Please contact us   to  arrange a booking of this program for your team or organisation. .