About Us


We exist to provide a range of social and educational services and programmes  in order to support and develop individuals and assist them realise their full potential through the deepening of the human aspects of existence as dependent on awareness, relationship and career, in order to create a more cohesive and tolerant society and to enable individuals to reach their maximum potentials.

We work with individuals, family units and community groups towards improving lives through the development and enhancement of awareness, relationship and career.

ARC AND YOU designs its programs having the community development as its core purpose. We create and develop community based projects which appeal to people and encompass the society as a whole. This helps in: 

1. The cultivation of self-awareness and personal responsibility.

2. The enhancement of personal relationships and the promotion of family values.

3. Support and enhancement of environmental responsibility through 'Green living'.

4. We inspire people to have interest in their community through various community events that are organised to promote  employment and socially engage individuals. 

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