Blooming Through Chaotic Times

Do you question yourself and the path you are on?

Do you feel you are always taking one step forward and two steps back?

Would you like a map to help guide you through the chaotic times?


Blooming Through Chaotic Times is a Masterclass practical application of a roadmap by Francis Akinola in his book: Blooming Through Chaotic Times, providing action plan for moving forward despite the challenges we face today, which are formidable, both on an individual basis, national and global.


This program is mapped into two parts: The Journey Back and The Journey Forward, where you are led from Chaos into Coherence and on into Blooming and Becoming.


The Journey Back provides guidance for difficult time(s) such as:

  • How to develop positive attitudes (even in crisis),
  • How to implement damage control, and
  • How best to manage and mitigate risks.


The Journey Forward explores principles to be applied in the boom periods:

  • How to stay humble and be grateful,
  • How to sustain focus and maximise your advantages, and
  • How to create a path towards legacy.


Through a mix of  roleplays, workshops and actionable advice, participants are taken on a journey towards developing and cultivating a practical means for progress, freedom, and liberty in an increasingly distracted world and they are led towards overcoming negative thought patterns, reducing stress and living a worry-free life.

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