Strife, Success and Solidarity: Exploring the Roots and Potentials between the British and the Nigeria Cultures

Strife, Success and Solidarity is a program which explores the Roots and Potentials between the British and the Nigeria Cultures. The project explores the potentials of the Nigerian populace in the United Kingdom and how the 2 nations' cultural diversity can serve as an avenue towards fostering inclusivity through mutual learning and appreciation of the historical and cultural heritage ot the 2 countries.


What Do We Have In Common? 


The program will explore the good, bad and ugly sides of the relationship between Nigerian and British culture, looking at how far we have come, where we are and where we should be regarding the mutual potentials between the 2 cultures. It will be an opportunity to highlight in the form of exhibitions, movie documentary and seminars, the relationships between British and Nigeria culture and how it can positively influenced the broader Nigerian and British narrative.


Constituents of the Program 


The project has been divided into 4 distinct parts: 1. Guided exhibition 2. Movie documentary 3. Talk 4. and Panel Discussion.


The exhibition


This part will sensitize the community on the richness of our cultural diversity. It will explore the history of Nigeria and how the influence of our British heritage has impacted and contributed to the progress and development of such rich cultural heritage. The guided exhibition will show how relationship between the United Kingdom and Nigeria, and their cultural links can create a mutually benefiting relationship of their mutual cultural heritage.


Movie documentary


This is a 30 minutes documentary about some historical events between Nigeria and Britain, and an exploration of their mutual cultures. This movie documentary shall include dance, arts, music and poetry, and shall explore the mutual potentials this great societies have in the area of Music, Films, IT, Education, and in combatting global warming, and shall highlight how the richness between the Nigerian and the British heritage can be fostered and how this positive impact can be embedded in the United Kingdom.




An invited expet on the 2 cultures wil speak to enrich with us with what has been explored during the guided exhibition and movie documentary, to look in depth at the areas explored and  discuss critically on how we can build on a mutual potential for progress and how this can create a positive benefit for boh nations.


Panel Discussions and Q & A


The panel discussion shall be an organised seminar where we shall invite academic and cultural experts to discuss on a particular aspect of the exhibition and to explore how the potential that is exhibited can be used to foster relationship between the two nations. 


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